10 Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Life Partner

Factors to consider before choosing a partner.

This days many marriages have been broken and the rise in broken homes have increased to 99%,this is because many people choose their spouse without considering the important factors involved.. Some important factors to be considered a listed as follows;

1)Religious belief : Religion is an essential part of a believers life,religion adherents behaviour,what an individual does,wears,says,eat and drink may be determined by faith ,it promote marital harmony and stability.

2)Physical Appearance :make sure your marriage partner has the desired physical characteristics before taking the marriage oath because it gives happiness to marry someone that people appreciate her beauty or his good looks.

3)Personal disposition : This is the natural characteristics of an individual,you need to understand the character of your spouse. This includes,dressing habits,likes,dislikes,attitude to life,shyness,ambition,temperament,e.t,c.

4)Cultural/family background : Knowledge of the cultural background of either spouse is mandatory. Intending couples should try to study the family background of their spouse in order to find out whether or not there are some traits that indented spouse inherited from their family which are not compatible to theirs

5)Health condition : Areas where information needed based on these include,Genotype,mental ability,sexual experience,rhesus factors,her HIV status and state of mind,all these will enable them tackle future challenges.

6)Age difference : Some say Age has no barrier to marriage but the fact remains that too much gap in age could be source of marital problems. An example in a situation where a 75yrs old man is unable to satisfy a 25years old girl,That may lead to infidelity or unnecessary marital conflicts that may lead to divorce.

7)Educational Attainments/vocational skills.

8)Nature of job. 9)Value orientation : This deals with what individual considers important,useful and appropriate based on personal opinion,rather than scientific reasoning.

10)Peer influence : Friends have an important influence on teenagers and youths,it is important for would be husband or wife to study the kind of friends their partner keep to avoid marital conflicts No matter how marriage is examined,the ideal things is for marriage to be enduring,comforting and rewarding. A would be couples need to understand themselves very well before going into taking marital vows of knot tying. There is no perfect spouse on earth or perfect individuals,it is just our ability to manage situations that will determine if we have gotten the best or worst. It is also necessary for would be couples to seek marital counselling before deciding on marriage.
By Counsellor Sunny


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