7 Tips For A Successful Relationship/Marriage

Tips For A Successful Relationship/Marriage , today I will be showing you some few tips that will guide and lead you to a successful relationship.

1) Relationship is not about getting what you want but wanting what you get, if you don't want what you get, then get out before you regret.

2) Shield your marriage & cover your spouse with a lot of prayers. Don’t let a day pass without mentioning your marriage & spouse on the altar of prayer. Daily pray that your spouse will have a heart that's open to God & ears that are responsive to His voice & eyes that are blinded from the disruptive things of this world.

3) 7 Keys to a great relationship: friendship,love, freedom, honesty, trust, understanding, and communication.

4) The most beautiful thing a woman can ever wear, is confidence.

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5) Men when you tell your woman how beautiful she is every morning before she goes out, it helps the woman not to be too overwhelmed by another guy saying it to her.
They need to hear it sometimes.

6) please never think of settling down and raising kids when you know you are not living comfortably yourself, don't bring kids into these world to suffer just because you want to feel among the married.

7) A man will inconvenience himself for a woman he really love and not think twice about it.


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