Why You Should Never Tolerate Nonsense In Your Relationship

Whatever he/she does to you now in Relationship is most likely what he/she would do or more in Marriage. For instance, If he slaps you at every small issues now, he will definitely slap or punch you in Marriage because he's been practising that with you right from relationship. If she raises her voice at you now calling you STUPID, Ofcourse she will call you MAD in Marriage.

Do not be deceived by the word "CHANGE", what is change? Change is constant, it's continuous, it's progressive! Yeah! Change is possible, with you and with him/her and it begins from NOW, not LATER!

"Do not allow in your relationship what you would not tolerate in Marriage". When you afford him/her the chance to behave that way, then expect to see more of it in Marriage but if it's on the positive side, then It's okay.

Imagine yourself still being around someone who forces you to s3x(which has no other name but  Rape) and you said it's by mistake, that he isn't someone like that, when he does it the second time, is it still by mistake or you enjoy it yourself not making known your bad intentions. May the Lord deliver You oh!

So please my people, just as I have stated from the beginning, "whatever he/she fondly do  to you now in your Relationship is 98.9% what he/she will do to you Later in Marriage" and so don't allow in your relationship what you would not tolerate in MARRIAGE.

If he/she hurts you or rubbish you or does anything wrong, please discuss it and settle it wisely, if after doing all of these, if after being counselled and such refuses to change as a result of one "I don't care attitude" my dear please for your precious soul because  you are not safe being there and ofcourse it's not a clear way. Relationship is not a DO or DIE affair and should not be a WAR ZONE. The Military wives and Military husbands are out again! Please be watchful so you don't land in the BARRACKS of Marriage where you would have to do a lot of drillings that paints one blue-black.

If there would be any CHANGES, Let it begin NOW!!!
I hope U hear that?