Love Alone In A Relationship or Marriage is Not Enough

Love Alone In A Relationship or Marriage is Not Enough

Love needs something more than love.
It was meant for us to accept before loving, and not loving before accepting.

How do I mean?
Some people believe in loving a man before they marry him.
Or loving a woman before marrying her.

Like now, you as a woman is not doing anything, you ran into a man not doing anything too,.love develops.

If you two eventually marry because of love, don't you see that you will suffer in marriage?

Wisdom is greater than love.
Wisdom tells us that love will not put food on our table.
Love will not pay our children school fees.
Love might not make you happy.

That is why it is advisable for one to allow his or her head control his or her heart.
Don't allow your heart controls your head.

You are like, "I can only marry someone I truly love".
You should say, "I will marry someone I can truly love".

As there is no love on first sight, something must first attract you to someone, either his height, body looks, complexion, appearance etc, you should allow your head control your heart when marriage is concerned.

Good looks, handsomeness, can never put food on ones table.

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Use your head to control your feelings so you can know the right person to fall in love with.

Wisdom is the principal thing.

God asked Solomon, "my son, what do you need?"

Solomon would had replied, "Father, I need true love".

He replied, "Father, I need Wisdom".
Because he knew that wisdom is the principal thing needed in life.

With Wisdom, you can control your feelings to know the kind of person to settle down with.

Don't settle down because of sentiment.

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