14 Foolish Things Some Girls Are Doing That Makes Them Loose Good Guys

 14 Foolish Things Some Girls Are Doing That Makes Them Loose Good Guys

A lot of ladies always complain they do loose the good guys in which they where lucky to have found they were to be intandem with but its quite and unfortunate fact that many of them doesn't know they were the cause of it. Today I will be talking on 14 foolish things some ladies are doing that but or make them loose good guys ans they include but not limited to the following; 

1) TALKING LIKE MEGAPHONE: There is a way a lady should talk; she should talk like a baby not like an army Commander. Talking loudly like a megaphone, shouting, yelling like a football fan cheering Lionel Messi will not help your course at all.

2) MISS CONTROLLER: Some ladies are controllers; they always want to be in charge wherever they find themselves. They take over conversation without allowing guys to talk. They take over the life of the guy and behave like his mother; wise guys will read between the lines and flee.

3) DIRTY LINNEN: Some ladies can’t just stop talking, as soon as they begin to eat, they begin to talk, exposing all their dirty past to a guy within one hour of meeting him because of eating 300 naira fish pie. Number of people they’ve dated, number of abortions they’ve had, many beans will be spilled and many can of the worm will be opened within minutes. But the guy will hardly talk about himself.

4) GLUTTONY: eating like a glutton on their first date with a guy. You take Fried rice, Ofada, Jollof, fried plantain, beans, popcorn, fish, assorted meats, swallows, in your stomach alone? The guy thought you are done, but you ordered for malt drink, yogurt, coke, wine, and fruit juice to quench your thirst forgetting that his intention was to woo you and get serious with you. He will never come back; he will not allow your mouth to send him back to the village.

5) CASH MACHINE: when a lady becomes a cash machine, guys will take to their legs. Demanding for Transport fare before agreeing to visit a man, makes them look cheap and greedy

6) FAKE LIFE: they live a fake and cosmetic life. Borrowing clothes, shoes, and Bags to visit a man. The guy will know that you borrow it when he never sees the cloth and shoes on you again. Why living a fake life?

7) NO APPRECIATION: you’ve never been appreciative of anything you received. Wife materials are appreciative, kill and go will not, an average man knows the difference.

8) CONSUMER: they are consumers; when they see the money it must finish. They demand money every moment. When guys give them money to prepare soup, they will spend all the money and still ask the man for more. Wife materials spend within budget.

9) “MISS RIGHT” ATTITUDE: they are always right; they will prove their right no matter what. They can never be wrong. Men detest girls like this.

10) NO APOLOGY: they can do so many bad things, lying, double dating, etc when they are eventually caught in the action they can never apologize

11) BARRISTER: they argue endlessly, they seem to know all things and will never stop unless you agree with them. They always make sure they have the last say.

12) NO ROOM FOR GOD: you have no heart for God; you can go to work, you can attend a party on Saturday, but when it’s Sunday that’s when you remember all your dirty clothes in your box.

My sister, go to church and who knows God might just have mercy on you and find you a husband. Great men love women who fear God.

13) FIGHTING ALICE: some girls have a fighting spirit, or fighting spirit have them. At every misunderstanding you have with your fiancé you raise your voice and even go as far as threatening to beat or bite him. Who will marry his headmistress?

14) DESPERATE FOR MARRIAGE: you are too desperate for marriage and you can’t hide it. You met a guy just this week you are already saying, “when will you visit my parents?” “Is December not okay for our wedding?” The guy will see desperation and begin to avoid you

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