How To Control Your Sexual Urge As A Single Person


We need to get some facts settled first.
As humans, we're created with 3 legitimate hungers. 

They are: hunger for food; hunger for water and hunger for sex. You will be termed abnormal and recommended for help if you don't have these hungers.
It is absolutely healthy and normal to have the sexual urge as a single person. This shows that you're normal and your sexual organs are functioning normally and that you're capable of enjoying sex in marriage.

But you must as well be guided that the fact that God gave you the sexual urge as a single person is not a license to engage in immorality or fornication, because God frowns against fornication.
The reason why God gave us sexual desires as singles is to learn self control. No matter what you possess or have in life, without self control, you will fumble with it, so also in our sexuality. We need to maintain self control.

I am yet to see a person eat shit and say his/her reason for doing that is to satisfy hunger for food. In the same vein, I am yet to see a person drink water from the sewage or gutter and blame it on excessive thirst for water. Not even a mad person does this.

Then, this calls for query on those who resort to fornication and masturbation just to quench sexual hunger. If you can't go on the extreme to satisfy the other two legitimate hungers, why take the risk and break the commandment of the Almighty just to satisfy your sexual hunger? This shows that sex is actually overrated.

May I say this, nobody ever dies of sex starvation, but many have contracted diseases and traded their destiny for sex.

Now let's consider how to control your sexual urge as a single person:

• You will need to identify your sexual triggers and deal with them.
• Always reassure yourself that you are on a sexual fast, and it will last as long as you are single.
• Avoid idleness, an idle mind is the devil's workshop. It is when you are idle that you will start scheming on how to fulfill the desire in an illegitimate manner.
• Watch your thoughts. The scripture said guard your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life. Sometimes, imagination can be stronger than reality, so watch your thoughts and imaginations.
• Sensor what you view. You can't feed your eyes with heavy pornographic stuff and expect not to be sexually ignited. No, it's not possible.
• Watch your conversation. Chastity demands you avoid saying some things. You can't sex chat or say romantic stuff and expect not to be sexually excited, that is impossible.
• Avoid cuddling, smooches and snuggles. Avoid romance and kissing with the opposite sex. Romance is a forerunner of sex! Sex is not all about penetration. Emotion is stronger than knowledge. You can't predict the romance that will finally lead to penetration, so it's better you avoid it from the start. 
• Watch how you touch yourself when you're lonely. Many have been caged with the habit of masturbation just by a gentle and innocent touch of the sensitive part of their body, and this has become a habit they can't break away from. If you don't want to ignite sexual passion by yourself, watch how you touch your sensitive parts.
• Carefully chose your inner circle of friends. You can't claim to practice chastity and mingle with those that always talk about their sexual escapades or say vulgar stuff. With time they will begin to taunt you and make you feel different and inferior. If you're not mature enough, you might want to feel that you belong by proving to them that you are up to the task.
• Flee youthful lust and every appearance of evil. You need to keep your spirit active so as to decode evil and chart an escape route before the evil catches up with you. This mean you won't box yourself to a compromising position with an opposite sex.
• Renew your mind with the word of God. You need to be loaded with the word of God so as to effectively resist temptation and the tempter.

Finally, have a strong belief that chastity is possible and doable if only you discipline yourself and daily rely on the grace of God.

Know this for sure, God will not ask you to do what is not possible. Chastity is a virtue and it still pays!

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