Reasons Most People Experience Marital Delay


This subject is a very sensitive one and it is inexhaustible.  Delay in marriage can be experienced by both male and female folks. However, it seems to be more pronounced when it involves the female folks. It is important to know that the reasons for  delay in marriage  could vary from male and female and from person to person. Let us examine below some of the issue that could lead to marital delay.

1. Lack of Early Interest for Marriage-:  The desire for Marriage sometimes is not present in some people when they are youths. This missed could caused by various factors. So some develop interest for marriage when it has become late to do so.

2. Fear Of Marriage-:  This could lead to delay. When people are exposed to time environments infested with marital problems such as broken homes, they develop fears and decide not to get married and before they could overcome the fear, time for Marriage seem to elapse.

3. Delay in Understanding The Will Of God-:  Sometimes people finds it difficult to know the will of God on time. This happens when their desire seem to clash with the will of God. So there is need to prayerfully seek the will of God and receive grace to accept it when it is revealed.

4. High Mindedness-: While it is good to settle for a good M man or woman in marriage, it is advisable to resist the temptation for luxury and selective spirit in your choice. This could lead to delays.

5. Pursuit Of Education:  Some people have a mindset that they will not get marriage until they attain a certain level of education and some have a level of academic qualification  their partner must attain. It is important to know that education has time while marriage has age and time limit. Remember you can still go to school while in marriage.

6. Tribalism-: Some people are so tribalistic when it comes to marriage. Some have even vowed never to marry from a particular tribe even if It is the will of God. This could lead to delay in marriage.

7. Foundational Problems:- Some people experience marital delays due to some evil covenants or curses operating in their families. Cases like this can only be overcome by deliverance prayers to break such yoke over the person's life. 

8. Unwillingness to Accept The Will Of God-: This applies to a situation when a person have know  the will of God but intentionally refuse to accept or do it perhaps it is not in line with his or her choice. We should be careful of this situation.  It could delay our marriage.

9. Parental Opposition:- Sometimes some parents could insist on their choice for their children.  While waiting to get their consent, a person's marriage could be  delayed.

10. Desire To Gather Riches Before Marriage- : Some male folks  have the concept that you must have everything before you talk of marriage while some female folks believe in marrying a man who is already made. Don't wait until all the money is there or until the home is made. Wealth does not make a happy home or marriage. It is better that both of you jointly build the home.

11. Lack Of Good Character- You may be handsome or beautiful but without good character you will delay your marriage.  No man would want to have a nagging woman into the house or a wayward man as a husband.

Written above are few reasons why most people are experiencing marital delays but not limited to it only as they might be other reasons too. 

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