The Pains And Cry Of A Rape Victim

You took advantage of my innocence,
and when I wanted to speak out, you also made me voiceless

I wish every single drop of tear could express how I bleed from the pain inflicted in my heart, and the weight of agony on my chest

Before you forcefully penetrated my circle, I was clear
but after satisfying your lust, I became bloody,
and left with a piece of trash to go sort through

I was compelled to love what I hate,
A pain that I will forever revisit even in your absence

You didn't just have  sex with me,
You stole myself from me

You didn't just take away my virginity,
You stole my pride, and ran way with my dignity

You are not just a rapist,
You are wicked and heartless

You are not just a macho man,
You are a beast, and you belong to the dirty clan

Say NO to rape ❌❌
Awakening Consciousness

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