How to Ask for Polyamorous Marriage or Relationship

 Polyamory is having an intimate relationship with more than one partner with all the parties involved. If you want to know how to make a polyamorous relationship work, this article is for you.

Are polyamorous relationships legal? A polyamorous relationship is ethical and consensual because all parties involved know. Since it requires the approval of your partner, you need to ask for it. So if you are new to polyamorous relationships, here are different

ways to ask your partner. Stay tuned to learn more!

Know Your Partner

A sound understanding of your partner will determine whether a polyamorous relationship is for you or not. Is your partner accommodating? What's your partner's view about polyamorous? Do both parties agree with the decision, or you stand the fight of polyamorous relationship vs. polygamy? Or where to find a polyamorous relationship if you are single? These are some of the questions you need to find answers to before

opening your relationship. Understand that no two people are the same. So before discussing it with your partner, ensure you understand them and take charge of their consequences, not agreeing with you.

Plan Your Speech

Effective communication is an essential part of life. If you want to reach a mutual agreement

with your partner, plan your speech. Brush up on your communication skill. Have a list of potential questions your partners could ask you and provide the most appropriate answers.

A likely question your partner could ask you is: why do you want a polyamorous relationship? It's up to you to provide your reasons.

Furthermore, never talk negatively about your partner. If they offend you before your meeting now is not the time to discuss such issues. Respect their personality; do not speak negatively about their character. Even if they deserve scolding, praise them and let them understand that you care for them. Remember! Respect is Reciprocal!

Bee Open-Minded and be Understanding

Open-mindedness is the ability and willingness to take other people's ideas, beliefs, and goals and weigh them against yours. So when asking for an open relationship, you need to be open-minded during the discussion. Understand that your partner may not see things as you see them. So be patient enough to listen to them; see things from their viewpoint. If they don't understand be patient and take time to explain your reasons. Being open-minded is not a sign of weakness—like others believe— but it's a way to show that you respect your partner's contribution and perspective. Perhaps browsing some Dating sites can help you find inspiration in the real stories of other people.

Moreover, polyamorous can be scary. It can also have a different meaning to people who don't understand what it means. Here is where Empathy is required. It's the ability to feel and understand what others may be going through. It's an essential skill you need if your partners is monogamy. Don't be discouraged if your partner doesn't agree with you at first. You have to understand their feeling, let them know you feel what they are passing through. In less time, their guard will be down.


"If the foundation is destroyed, what can the righteous do? NOTHING! This saying applies to every aspect of life as well as relationships. What's the level of intimacy and trust in your relationship? How close are you to your partner? You're not an autocrat, so you need to have a solid foundation before requesting this if you love your relationship. To understand your partner, develop a solid foundation, and go as slow as possible—take one step! We wish you good luck in reaching all your goals.

Are you familiar with the polyamorous relationship? Please share your experience with us.

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