The Irony of Life- A Must Read For All


Lady, the man that you are despising right now because he doesn't have money, will one day be the man you wish you believed in and stayed with when he succeeds.

Husbands, the wife you are bad-mouthing to your side chick/s, will be the woman you run to and beg to stay with you after your side chick/s abandon you and they move on to real men who value marriage.

Ladies, the good man who has always been there for you that you are rejecting because you want to date bad boys, will be the man you run to after the bad boys use you, waste you, the age you up, and dump you. Maybe that good man will be married by then to a good woman who values a good man.

Gentlemen, that woman you are mistreating and taking advantage of because you know she loves you, will one day love herself and leave you and that will be the day you will wake up and desperately treat her right, but maybe it will be too late.

Wives, that husband you keep belittling and calling names and you frustrate him but he still tolerates you and stays with you will one day be very successful and celebrated by many and you will be the one bragging about him but he will know your compliments are a lie. You only see value in him when he is high and crash him when he is low.

Gentlemen, that woman you call ugly, lazy, and a loser will one day prosper, find her purpose and be found by a man who will love her, build an empire with her and impact lives with her and you will regret why you never saw her potential. It will hurt you when you see how her self-love and love from her man make her so beautiful.

Wives, that husband that you are accusing of cheating on you and throwing all manner of accusations gets so many chances to leave you but he doesn't. You have a committed husband but you are too insecure, wounded, and irrational to see it.

Husbands, that wife that you despise and look down on and has raised your children but you neglect is admired by many. Many men find her beautiful, the young ones admire her, out there she is known as a leader, a true friend, a hardworking woman, a role model, a prayer warrior but you are too blind to see. You have a treasure but you just don't know it.

Parents, the talents in your child that you are discouraging will one-day open doors for him/her and when your child excels without your support, you will be that opportunistic parent who pretends to have nurtured the talent. Support your own.

One day the parents you ignored and rebelled against as you fall in love, will be the ones you run to for cover and a shoulder to lean on when the one you love beats you, violates you, damages you and destroys your life.

Be wise.

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