Working The Marriage - A Must Read For All


Please if you are married take this seriously. 

If you are single, see this as one of your stages of preparedness.

The routine of love in marriage comes in different ways for different people, this could be based on background, mindset, or even religion, but saying 'I do' means being ready to shift away from certain mindsets and beliefs.

A lady came to me, talking about how she feels the husband is not loving her enough, by her, she meant, no regular/spicy sex life, no romantic surprise giving, no sit out together, no regular hugs/pegs, not a tight cuddle in bed, and even when she has tried to communicate this with him, it still hasn't yielded a positive result.

The husband on the other hand feels he is loving her enough, he wakes up in the morning and they pray together, he gives her money for the day's meal before leaving for work, he comes back home and eats with her, gists with her the way he can, say the night prayers together, sex can come in once in a while but not too regular and the routine continues.

So you see, two different people, coming together as One.

Please hear me here, accepting to marry a person, is accepting sacrifice and patience. 

Accepting to marry a person is accepting to open yourself to learn new things and your willingness to try new ideas.

Accepting to marry a person is accepting to adjust to a new lifestyle away from what you are already used to, in other to fit better with your spouse.

If you grew up from a background were saying I love you is sacred, and you're now married to a spouse who sings I love you like a song, please learn the chorus and join the choir.

If you are the type that believes that kissing during the day or cuddling and holding each other at night reduces the Holy Spirit in you, that is a lie from the bit of hell, the Holy Spirit enjoys fellowship, He enjoys the oneness of your bodies as much as He enjoys the oneness of our spirits.

If your mindset about sex and romance is still sin, Please you are married now, it is no longer a sin, it is no longer sin, it is no longer sin, have sex, learn to enjoy it, and ask your partner the JAMB question "are you satisfied?"

Uncle doesn't beat her hand out when she tries to touch your joystick down there. Aunty doesn't beat his hand out when he tries to touch your breasts or sock it. 

See, you don't approve of your spouse touching your body only when you are in the mood to zwiizwii.

I believe you are hearing me dear married?

We are not called to get used to a background that won't help our marriage, the goal is to have a happy home.

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